Studio Services

Recording, Editing & Mixing

A comfortable and supportive environment is where you can take artistic chances. Our extensive understanding of music will help you achieve an awesome-sounding product. We create professional mixes and masters from tracks recorded with us or at your home studio.

Producing/Creative Development

Fine-tune the vision, content, and performance of your project. We work with you to prepare and complete each step of the process.

Audio Restoration

Send us your archival recordings and we will remove noise, edit and master them, giving them new life.

Audio Services

Creative Services

Composition & Sound Design

We compose and produce music and soundscapes for all types of content and usage.


Preserve the memories of a lifetime or a moment. Interviews can be recorded in our studio, at your location, or virtually. Additional services include editing and mastering, available on your choice of media.

Songwriting Collaboration

No matter what stage your song is at, our experience producing and recording songs will transform your ideas into reality.

Pre-production Consulting

Get the most from your investment by working out the bugs before you get to the studio. We break your project down into attainable steps and keep you on-task with coaching calls and progress checks.

Home Recording Instruction

Virtual or in-person training can improve your home recordings. We advise you on acoustical treatment, equipment options, and additional training materials.

Consultation Services


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